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Why User Experience Matters To Marketing

Bad user experience is what we would like to say in a scenario like this. The worst part is when you own a website like this. Gosh!

The first impression should be a lasting impression. And your last impression is as important as your first!

When it comes to Online marketing it is termed as Digital marketing . Digital marketing will be stated as advertising product/ services through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media email and mobile apps. No question whether it is online or offline marketing, user experience (UX) is a critically important component of successful marketing.

User Experience

When you implement good UX, you can stand out and helps users to easily recognize your brand. Differentiating your brand is vital especially since customer experience will be more important than product or price by the year 2020 . Great UX is made up of elements that help you build trust among your users who can expect that your site work and delivers what they need.

If you want your users coming back for more, then consider implementing great UX strategies. Great UX can have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Even making minor UX improvements can lead to an enhanced customer experience . When you create a site that's user-centric, reliable, and providing value for your audience, you help foster trust and reliability to keep your audience returning for more.

To make sales happen online or via your app, you have to have your UX down pat. That's because if your site is hard for users to navigate or find what they want, it reduces their chances of going down the sales funnel from browsing to being a paying customer. But with good UX, you can improve your conversion rates , and when you improve your conversion rates, you can enhance your revenue and profits.

The design of your site should be well-thought out and researched to see what people respond positively to. Design goes along way; just let these statistics sink in:

First impressions are 94% design-related.

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