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Why Use Interactive Videos?

Interactive video has quickly become a well-established and widely used marketing tool.

20% of marketers say they've used it, and of those marketers, 78% have found it to be an effective strategy. On top of that, 28% of marketers plan to use interactive video in 2018. Those numbers will continue to increase as brands explore different tactics and figure out which resonate most with their target audience. (

Producing a successful interactive video is all about finding the perfect interactive video company for you. (

You can enhance the impact of classic videos by up to 10X through interactive videos.

With 80% of all web traffic predicted to come from video by 2020, the demand for video content is greater than ever before. (

Interactive video blows all of those out of the water, converting at a rate of more than 11% It's more memorable It turns out the sheer ability to engage with content in an interactive video makes a user more likely to remember your brand. 


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What makes a great interactive video?

While there are lots of things you can do with interactive video, there are several qualities that the best examples all share. As you consider how to add this media to your marketing mix, take into account these best practices.

They use interaction thoughtfully First and foremost, great interactive videos are intentionally designed. Just like you strategically design a user interface so that a digital product or website is easy to use, an interactive video must also be designed with the end user in mind. A great video isn't interactive for the sake of it. It uses interactivity to enhance the user experience, not show off.

Healthline is a great example of a brand that's designing this media thoughtfully. When it comes to health, everyone's path and experience is different which makes interactive video a perfect fit for telling their story.

Healthline's type 2 diabetes video asks users questions about their personal health experience to curate the right content for each individual user. The experience is easy to navigate, and the information is personalized and meaningful the ideal combo for a well-designed interactive video.

They use gamification Interactive video gives marketers the ability to gamify a video experience in a way linear video could never do. This technique is called branching, or creating multiple content pathways for a user to create a unique experience they select themselves. The Healthline video above used branching to create different content paths based on the user's own situation. Healthline's video may have been more serious, but this technique can also be used for fun.

Warner Bros. showed how interactive video can create a choose-your-adventure style experience for audiences. The brand's promo video for Focus, a film about a veteran con artist, lets viewers take their stab at amateur con artistry. Users can choose to try and scam an art dealer, internet mogul or investment banker. Each comes with a series of challenges to create a game-like experience they couldn't have achieved with linear video. With this example, Warner Bros. shows how you can create a playful video game with a few simple branches.

They're engaging and entertaining Great marketing doesn't just sell product it's enjoyable and entertaining for the audience. This is true for most media; think about the best social media campaigns and Super Bowl ads. The ones that come to your mind likely have an entertainment factor built into the campaign. Interactive video takes video marketing entertainment to a whole new level.

One brand that did this well was Honda. The automotive giant wanted to showcase the diversity of the Civic Type R as part family car, part performance vehicle.

In their video , users could toggle between two parallel yet completely different stories by literally typing R on their keyboard. One story positions the Civic as a family car; the protagonist in the story picks up his daughters from school and completes other fatherly duties. Meanwhile, if you type R, you'll see the same man, still in a Civic, living a much more intense and dangerous life as an undercover agent busting a major robbery. Honda shows how interactive video can be a nearly cinematic experience if you weave in an entertaining plot line.

They let the user be part of the story Perhaps one of the greatest values of video is its ability to tell a strong story. Interactive video takes storytelling to new heights, letting your viewers become characters in your brand story who make decisions on how the plot unfolds.

One great example of this is a video by popular rock artist Coldplay, who released an interactive music video for their single Ink. In the video, the viewer plays the role of the main character and makes decisions about his choices throughout the video, truly becoming part of the character's quest to find his long-lost love. All in all, there are 300 different paths the video could take based on the various branching options. The video went on to win a Webby for Best Use of Interactive Video because of its original approach to a traditional music video.

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