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Do Not Translate Your Website | Your SEO Can Be Destroyed!

Even when you simply translate your content into different languages, you risk being penalized by Google and other search engines for duplicate content.

When Google indexes incoherent text, it might regard such content as spam and block the page.

Google does understand that some websites make use of content delivery systems and may be hosted in a different country to provide better web server infrastructure.

Tackling Duplicate Content on International Sites It's common for websites to provide similar or the same content in different languages when targeting different regions while having different URLs.

Even though Google still prefers unique content for each version, it understands that having unique content can be quite tough.

Consider you have two pages with different URLs that have exactly the same content.

Ideally, you hire an expert fluent in the foreign language to translate the content on your behalf for better results.

Content in different languages is not considered duplicate content if it's done manually with correct grammar and intent.


CONCLUSION: Even if Google offers a Translate Tool. DO NOT USE IT! Do it Manually to avoid SEO issues.

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