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What's the Difference between Digital Marketing & SEO?

There is no doubt that the SEO world is in a state of constant change. Search engines are constantly updating their methods of ranking sites and the SEO specialist is obligated to keep up with the trends. One of the more recent changes in SEO strategies is the incorporation of digital marketing.

The new term that is emerging from this transition is Search Marketing Integration (SMI). As search engines continue to broaden their gaze and perfect the specifics and techniques they used to look at a site and measure brand sentiment, content quality and overall relevance, it is noticeable that search is increasingly overlapping with other marketing strategies. This is likely to completely revolutionize an organization’s method for approaching sales, PR, marketing, branding and everything else for that matter. Success will require the integration of SEO best practices and marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

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Many consider search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to be synonymous. However, they have two separate definitions and are entirely separate. There are many ways in which SEO and digital marketing function similarly and today they work in tandem. An SEO company is hired to optimize a website so that its position in search engine results is improved. They will use a wide variety of strategies and SEO best practices achieving higher rankings in the SERPs. SEO is actually a subset of digital marketing and there are many who would define an SEO specialist as one who integrates digital marketing and SEO best practices achieving their goals.

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Digital internet marketing covers all aspects of your online customer outreach programs, which include SEO, paid advertising and social media marketing. SEO is a subset of these activities that can be applied to each element in your digital marketing campaigns. For instance, the right keywords can boost the visibility of your blog posts, your content marketing materials, and your paid and unpaid advertising efforts.

Thinking about these activities in these terms can help you achieve the right balance between SEO and internet marketing for your own company. (

As you may have guessed, the primary reason for the confusion between these strategies is that there's a good bit of overlap between the two. In fact, they actually have a mutual relationship.

Including keywords in the content you create helps it rank better in search engines, meaning that it will attract more traffic and be more effective in reaching your content marketing goals. Conversely, adding strong content to your site will improve its authority, which will give a boost to your overall SEO. (

The Meaning of Digital Marketing Digital marketing is just marketing using digital tools and marketing is nothing more than communicating value to your customers.

So digital marketing is there for communicating value to your customers using digital tools. (

Having a solid grasp of how each of these are involved in digital marketing campaigns will be especially crucial in the digital marketplace in the coming years. (

Digital marketing is the latest trend If we forget about the different titles for a minute and concentrate on the actual functions, it is clear that in order to succeed online you need to do much more than plain SEO.

Conclusion If you are living in a perfect World where everybody is knowledgeable about the latest trends in digital marketing then you should hire a Digital Marketing Manager. (

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